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The conscience of the Canadian Music Industries. In print, 1964-2000, with 8,500,000 copies read. On-line since 20 January 05.

Walt Grealis (1929-2004) and Stan Klees began RPM, in 1964, with the hope of building a viable industry from the disarray, of the Canadian music business, at the time. Their achievement far exceeded their wildest dreams. RPM lobbied for Canadian Content (Cancon) Radio Regulations. English radio content, in 1964, was 99% foreign; 30% Cancon is now law and 35% is the norm. Musicians, artists, producers and lyricists flourished. Cancon successes include Nelly Furtado, "Nickleback," Billy Talent and Diana Krall. In 1994, Walt Grealis was named to the Order of Canada for, with Stan Klees, an indelible contribution to what John Porter called, the "Canadian Mosaic" -- Canadian society.

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